15+ years experience in digital marketing, people management, web development, and growing profits at agency and in-house settings. Cool under pressure and always up for a challenge.

I started building websites in '98, back when the internet was young, before everyone who could hack a MySpace theme thought they were designers. Back when you'd rely on a webring footer to find cool new sites on the internet because search engines sucked. So yeah, get off my lawn, lol. A chance marketing elective in high school fascinated me and put me on my career path.

A college education and a little freelance work brought about my first real gig at an online marketing agency doing SEO (search engine optimization) work. Like most people that work in SEO, I stumbled into it because I had an interest in marketing as well as web design/development. I did agency SEO work for three years before moving in-house as a LAMP stack web developer and SEO at a laboratory equipment company. Through a combination of hard work and good opportunities, I eventually became vice president of that company. From there I moved back into agency life and built an SEO department from scratch.

I'm currently heading both the SEO and CRO (conversion rate optimization) teams at ROI Revolution, a digital marketing agency in Raleigh, NC.


Goofing off with my son. Orange you glad to meet us? /DadJoke

Mini Resume

Positions Held:
2018-PresentService Lead, Website Optimization (SEO & CRO)ROI Revolution
2015-2018Service Lead, Search Engine OptimizationROI Revolution
2012-2015Vice President, Technical DirectorAirClean Systems / AMT Group
2010-2012Marketing ManagerAirClean Systems / AMT Group
2007-2010Web DeveloperAirClean Systems / AMT Group
2004-2007Interactive Technology Analyst (SEO)MarketSmart Interactive
2018-2019Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp (MERN)UNC Chapel Hill
2000-2004Bachelor of Science, CommunicationAppalachian State




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